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Transport accesories

Wheels, bearings, brake shoes ... What do you need?

As in any other aspect of your project, the list of components, improvements and repairs we can make in your transportation system is unlimited.

From the very feet of your vehicle, we manufacture wheels, bearings and forged axis to ensure perfect coupling, inducing a hardness of 54 Hrc to treads that certifies a complete security.

The inclusion of appropriate shoe brakes in the brake system of locomotives and wagons is also essential. Whether fiber composite of asbestos and metallic threads, with the qualities your vehicles require (according to EN 1561:1997), and specific settings (with a hardness of 195-235 HBW), Bartz manufactures custom-made shoe brakes with the maximum precisión to achieve an awesome reliability.

We also do repair electric and diesel units, whatever its damages are, pieces such as tabs, caps or bolts in all kind of materials, painting and maintenance of wagons and locomotives. Just tell us what you need: it will be a pleasure to develop the solution for you.

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