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Breathe in the way.


The importance of ventilation systems in any underground work is more than essential to ensure the health and safety of people working on it.

It is therefore important to assure a continuous air flow throughout the complete work, that has to be endorsed by choosing the appropriate fan and correct sizing of the pipes that carry air to the excavation face.

Aware of this importance, in Bartz we provide all kinds of fans and dust collectors, as long as blower and vacuum ventilation pipe, both rigid and flexible, with different diameters at the request of each client. The rigid one, made in galvanized steel between 0.5 and 1.2mm thick and 100 to 2000mm in diameter, are supplied fully assembled for coupling with sealing flanges category C, which ensures a maximum purity and quality air, and minimizes leakages.

We also help the placement of these pipes, offering it in steps of 1, 2 and 3 meters in length, with elbows of 30o, 45o and 90o in different radios, capable of circunvent different geometries and barriers as beams or entry positions at the tunnel access.

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