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Supports for accessories

Creating an underground structure: Supports for accessories at the tunnel

As important as advancing through the TBM, is to ensure this development by installing vent pipe, crossing bridges and all sorts of accessories to ensure the air, water and energy supply and the personnel access required underground.

In Bartz we facilitate the entry and establishment of all types of services in the tunnel through a variety of supports tailored to your needs and circumstances. Supports for pipes, power, personal gateways, etc. carried out with maximum strength and adaptability to every terrain, in structural steel.

We also supply tunnel supports with special rack systems that facilitate its placement, being mobile and adaptable in height without having to change its position.

The versatility of Bartz anchoring systems is defined by a high terrain adaptability that allows us to assemble different fixing and mounting techniques, using screws or arranging segments bolts directly to the tunnel walls.

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