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Wagons and locomotives maintenance and repair

Vehicles maintenance

Wagons and locomotives maintenance and repair

Accidents, breakdowns, operating problems, pad repairing, blasting, sealing, painting or needing any improvements ... at Bartz, we execute all kind of operations in boxes, doors, windows, side walls, floors, since they include takedowns, traction interventions, boogies, shafts, bogie motors, shooting, transmissions, brake rigging, suspension and other components and subassemblies that make up each car and locomotive.

No matter the model, use or status. Improve its initial potential and comfort and ensure a flawless performance is our job for over a decade, with major customers in the country, which usually rely on our equipment for all types of work.

Our work goes beyond the mere repair or replacement. Includes all the spare parts logistics and operations, parts and components park (removal and delivery to its respective storage, handling, loading, transporting and unloading them with overhead cranes, gantry cranes, cars, ferries and locotractors, cats and wagon liftgates, etc..) that can arise in any area of railway operation.

Interior finishing and Comfort, in detail

We take care of that things that cannot be seen, but also of all that the traveler feels, enjoys and uses on every trip. We can repair and incorporate comfort elements inside the train such as seats, upholstery, paper, air conditioning hoods, intercom doors, heat and other technical or aesthetic finishing for all type of units.

Different merchandise? Different transportation

ers a unique and exceptional scenario... why should it not be so every solution we create for you? Our degree of adaptability to your circumstances is unlimited. Whatever they are.

Want a real example? How about a client who needed to properly carry of cold rolled steel coils for automotive? Because of its extreme delicacy, these coils should be kept completely isolated and protected from any contaminating atmospheric agents. And because of its size and weight, it had to be transported by rail wagons adapted to house more than two meters in diameter and several tons weighing coils.

So we got to work and conduct a preliminary study of pollutants and specific weather threats in the area of transport. In parallel, we analyzed the necessary isolation by type of transport and anticipate every possible hitch to ensure the full protection of the goods.

As a result, we transform 36 coil transport units, adding an exterior protection system made of AISI 304 stainless steel in order to minimize the maintenance. To achieve it, a high quality encapsulated bearing system has been included, thus avoiding its high checking costs.

We also focused on key features to optimize energy, reduce costs and maximize the effectiveness and durability of adapted components. Later tests conducted by the customer with pollution indicators gave spectacular sealing and durability results.

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