Experts in Mining equipment

Solutions for mining and tunnels

At Bartz, we lead the way in advanced solutions for the mining industry, offering high-quality equipment and unparalleled service.

At the forefront

Innovation and Technology

At Bartz we do not believe in evolution without reliability, nor in avant-garde without guarantees. That is why the solidity of our constant advances is guaranteed by the most demanding standards.


We develop high-quality, flexible and versatile products that adapt to the demands of our customers.


Your next need is not found in a catalog, but in the vision of our team of engineers who will offer you a solution tailored to your needs.


We are the partner you need and who will analyze your needs, study the terrain to be worked on and develop fully optimized customized solutions for you.

Our products

Our products, including robust locomotives and precision cutters, are designed to meet the most demanding demands of the sector, guaranteeing efficiency, safety and durability.

Tunnel boring machines

Great ideas require the most advanced technology to do today what seemed impossible yesterday. That is why at Bartz, after 25 years dedicating our efforts to technical assistance to the machines and facilities used in tunnel excavation, we are capable of optimizing drilling with large tunnel boring machines and the entire wide variety of existing cutting tools.

Locomotives for underground work

To cover all your transportation needs in the mine, Bartz offers you a very versatile variety of electric locomotives that will adjust to your load requirements, with the B-2.5, B-3.5, B-5 ​​and B-8 2.5 models. , 3.5, 5 and 8 tons of adhesive weight, and track radii of between 7 and 8 meters of curvature depending on the model.

Why choose us?

At Bartz, we stand out for offering innovative solutions, exceptional service and high-quality products that ensure the success of your mining projects.

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Cutting-edge technology
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Guaranteed quality
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Constant innovation