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Lifting heavy loads

Lifting heavy loads

The lifting and anchoring are one of the major complications when mounting and dismounting a TBM. We must, therefore, ensure a perfect match for each item or structure to be lifted, and to ensure the weights to be carried.

We study the needs of each project to provide lifting items up to 80 tons, with their corresponding certificates of calculation and specific welding. We manufacture this ítems in steel sheet, with thicknesses up to 120mm according to EN 10346:2010, with a yield strength of 265 MPa and tensile strengths of 410-560 MPa.

Tipping Element Stumps

In each project, Bartz comprehensively collects all necessary information to perform dump stumps for attaching and unloading of the head of a TBM, for the transportation to its next destination.

The use of large machined steel plates, high quality weldable nuts, casting lines with perfectly adapted sizes to every situation ... all that not only allow carrying TBM heads, but also repair them due to the adaptability of this technique.

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